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Lokaal Belang Doetinchem (LBD) as a party, directs itself exclusively at inhabitants’ wellbeing in Doetinchem, Gaanderen and (Nieuw) Wehl, this in contrary to other national parties.

We treat the people in our municipality respectfully and with integrity. We want to create a wholesome environment where both youth and elderly enjoy living, going to work and school and can recreate. Lokaal Belang Doetinchem puts in maximum effort to achieve that, with a financially stable policy where expenses (i.e. woz value) do not overrun citizens. It is our firm conviction that with a financially stable and self-aware municipality Doetinchem, we can build a strong Achterhoek.

Coming period Lokaal Belang Doetinchem wants to contribute to the satisfaction of our comunity. The issues work, healthcare, housing and stores will be pressured if we do not make the right choises.

We value your opinion and ideas to support Doetinchem, Gaanderen and (Nieuw) Wehl via:

Living in Doetinchem does not only include a roof above your head, it also involves notice for nature in neighbourhoods, culture, library, sports and recreation. Briefly said, attention for that what makes this municipality, to youth and elderly, as satisfactory as possible.


12 general aspirations of list 12

  1. A pleasing community to live, shop and work in. Adjusting the housing proffer in order to satisfy all ages. Broad offer of art and culture.
  2. Address tenantless shop premises.
  3. Increase safety around neighbourhoods per enforcement and collaboration. Keep an eye out for eachother, will you help?
  4. We aspire traffic safety and flow, around Doetinchem’s core extra attention for cyclists and pedestrians.
  5. Own budgets for neighbourhoods to realise facilities for a nice environment.
  6. Elderly should be able to stay home for as long as possible with a “stayersloan” and special care for and contribution of the caregiver.
  7. The Achterhoek runs ahed when it comes to manufacturing industry, we want to make a difference with green industrial areas and animal friendly agriculture. The bringing together of all knowledge causes great initiatives. This is how we come to sustainable solutions.
  8. Raise employment opportunities by retrainingprograms and a better educational connection to the labour market. We see opportunities in small-scale activities that are compatible with the labour market. Think of loans for starting companies.
  9. After endeavour comes relaxation: sports, recreation, health ánd socially.
  10. Doetinchem and the Oude Ijssel are a beautiful starting point for a day out.
  11. Involve residents with the municipality’s new plans. Decide together what activities will be organised for what group.
  12. Doetinchem has to become thé internship provider of Holland. Let’s, as a community, be a good example.
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